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About S.Currie

S.Currie Construction has been at the leading edge of residential construction for over 30 years. We pride ourselves in setting and exceeding the highest standards in the industry. Our project lists range from small renovations to custom built homes. With a hands on approach to each project, and employees that are either Red Seal or registered apprentice carpenters, we will ensure that you are completely satisfied, and that your project will be standing out from the rest.


Beginning with the concept stages and following through to completion; S.Currie Construction will provide all of the necessary services throughout every stage of the project. All of our employees are Red Seal Carpenters and Registered Apprentices who will complete the framing, forming an finishing work.


From bathroom renovations, to custom built homes: no project is too big or too small for S.Currie Construction. We provide a hands of approach for each and every project, while making sure that precision and care are the highest priorities for everyone involved, during the creation your home.


Right from the first meeting, S.Currie Construction sets out to work with you, the client, to ease the process of building your new home. We take the project from the demolition stage through to final inspection; using highly skilled trades to ensure that only the best of quality is involved in creating your home.